Kaolin helps to deeply clean pores and removes impurities by gently exfoliating the skin, which helps in minimizing the appearance of pores.It can help brighten your skin by reduces inflammation, increase circulation, and absorbing excess oil.

Calamine Clay: Helps lighten dark spots, keeps skin hydrated and acne-free.




Take a brush and apply directly , keep for 15-20min until it drys

up and wash off

Apply 1-2 a week!



Koalin and Calamine Clay Mask

120gms: large
  • APPLY THE MASK -Apply the paste with your fingertips, covering all of the skin except the skin around your eyes.

     LET SIT- Allow the paste to dry. This is a good time to lie down and relax! Depending on how thick the mixture is, this can take 10 to 30 minutes

    RINSE- Rinse the clay off with warm water. Use a wet washcloth to finish up, if needed. Follow with a rinse of cool water. If you like, finish with a toner and/or moisturizer.