Whipped soap is fragrant body frosting. The soft and creamy texture, you can put it on a loofah for better results. With a little water, it turns into a bubbly, foamy, and moisturizing liquid. whipped soap is different because it can replace shower gel. And it is also used has shaving cream.

The fragrance from these products stays on the skin for hours. In fact, the combination of moisturizing ingredients and fragrance oil makes the scent last longer

Mermaid whipped Cream Soap

  • Place a knob of product on your palm and wipe it on your hands, legs, and body. The right product for you ensures a smooth, gentle clean, which brings a soothing feeling to the skin. Of course, apply it  crotch to remove impurities from sweating and perspiration. Finally, wash it away with water.

    Use loofah for more lather and luxiours bathing.


    For use as a shaving cream, add a second layer of soap to moisturize the area you want to shave. Let it soak the skin for a couple of minutes before shaving as usual. As this product dissolves completely in water, you can shave in your shower for maximum convenience.